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Dec 13, 2017
Melinda Goodall & Hailey
Oct 21, 2017
Our love, thoughts, and prayers go out to you all today and always.
Todd Christensen
Oct 11, 2017
"Oh ho, Mr Todd is here in the flesh!" Was his usual greeting for me. He knew how my mother loved me and as such gave me the same,...always. I admittedly spent the least amount of time with Doug,...but wow,...the time I had with him was so profoundly wonderful and enlightening that I felt loved,..always beyond what I felt I deserved. When I would tell him such he would disagree and say "well now I don't know about that,..you seem to be doing just fine!" Always encouraged by his lighthearted and sharp humor,..I would just listen and absorb everything he said, knowing it came from such wisdom and kindness. I know he will still sit with us by the lake, chase away our fears, watch over us a...s he always has, and bring us all closer together. I've known no finer man and feel blessed to have had the time I've had with him. My deepest sympathy to the entire family and friends. My love to you all.Read more
Faith Baird
Oct 10, 2017
Dr. Crook was the most caring and loving Doctor I will ever encounter. His professionalism and manner was to be admired. He delivered my children and has always had a special spot in my heart.
John Kurkjian
Oct 08, 2017
My condolences. He was my doctor when I was a child.
Pat and Bill Schmidt
Oct 08, 2017
Lorraine my sincere condolences to you and your family, Douglas will be well remember he was such a wonderful DR and friend, i remember when he would come down a corridor whistling. I am still in FL But just found out.
Laura Fry Doncaster
Oct 05, 2017
He delivered my first daughter in 1976.40 1/2 years ago.
Sandy foy
Oct 04, 2017
Lorraine, I'm so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies.
Kim Reuschel
Oct 04, 2017
Doug asked me not that long ago to read him the obituaries, to see if any of his friends or acquaintances had passed. His sight had long failed him, but his mind and his hearing was sharp as it ever was. I read the names and he would listen intently, then tell me if he knew the person or not. He was most happy when he did not recognize a person in the obituary section. Although, I knew he had inoperative form of cancer, I still thought I would be reading him the sports pages, or the headlines or the obituaries forever. He made sure he did not disrupt me in that magic world of him living forever. Now he is here, on this darn page and I still am in denial. Dr. Douglas V. Crook was my stepfat...her. I cared for him, with my siblings to the end. Through to the end he never once asked "why me?" He had more of a "why not me" attitude of his terminal diagnoses. He was sensible like this. However, not too sensible that he lacked a soft heart. Truly, he had a warmness about him that you felt within 10 seconds of meeting him. He always thanked the visiting hospice nurses, and stood when he could to shake their hand. He earned respect from his humanity. One would have no doubt he heard you, and thoroughly considered your point of view, before he responded. His responses where geared both gently and respectfully to help you find your own way. Doug encouraged me, and all of us. He parented and step-parented by his own stellar example. He accepted me for who I was at the time. He met me there, in whatever state I was in, just as calm and with that reassurance I could count on. There was no doubt that I was the fortunate one; sometimes awake early enough sharing a cup of coffee and the paper before everyone else woke up. It was my most sacred time with him. We would have long chats about philosophy mostly. In those chats he would tenderly describe his wife, each of his children, his brothers and parents, friends, peers, friends neighbors, and his patients. All with the same warmth. I realized at some point, he most definitely spoke of me that warmly as well. This in turn made me believe I was good, or even great, just by the mere fact that he knew me. That was what it was like with Doug, he made everyone feel validated, heard and respected. I know I was not the only one who had these interactions with. But it always felt like I was the only one. Oh, and Doug was so humorous. In a dry sort of way, and with usually a quip about himself, because he was a humble man. A salt-of-the-earth type man, who always had room for just one more kid, or grand-kid, or great-grand-kid to love. I told him it was my honor to care for him during this final illness. It absolutely was an honor-- to care for the the man who cared for an entire community. All I can say is; Well done, "Doug-Doug" well done, and I will miss you here on this earth. It just got a whole lot lonelier with you out of sight.Read more
Christine Cosio - Rau
Oct 04, 2017
I wish to send my deepest sympathy to Dr Crook's wife & family. I was a patient of his at Summer OBGYN for all three of my children, he delivered my second child. Wonderful doctor I'm glad he lived a long and happy life.
Barry R Lay
Oct 04, 2017
I just stumbled on a link while looking at Facebook and learned of Dr. Crook's passing. I had no idea and I am shocked and of course deeply saddened. He was a wonderful man. I was fortunate to have lived across the street from him and his family for approximately 25 years. He was always a stand up guy and funny too! He would let me do things my own father never would, which of course would drive my Dad nuts, lol.
Linda Woodall
Oct 03, 2017
So sorry for your loss,he was a awesome obgyn doctor...he will be dearly missed 🙏😢
Chet Twombly
Oct 03, 2017
I was one of the 9000 who was dragged into this world in 1954 with his gentle prodding. Rest in Peace and to your family i am very sorry for your loss.
Wanda Estes
Oct 03, 2017
I will always remember my last delivery with Dr. Crook. I had only been in labor for less than an hour when I got to the hospital. They took me upstairs immediately becuz the contractions were coming barely a minute apart. The nurse put me on a bed, still in my clothes to check my status. My daughter waited for no one, even Dr. Crook, she was crowning as he walked in, still in topmost. He smiled and said, let's roll. Everyone was moving so fast, I didn't even realize my daughter was born in the corridor enroute to the delivery room. Dr. Crook was so funny as he told me I really didn't need him at all. He was so relatable and earthy. A wonderful man.
Jane (wood) Russell
Oct 03, 2017
I remember sitting on the stairs in our Groveland home because on card night I was suppose to be in bed but I heard the laughter from the kitchen and was curious. He was a great man and wonderful doctor and will be missed. He has joined his card buddy in heaven as my dad left us on sept 9 2017 my thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time
Donna (Wood) Haack
Oct 03, 2017
I was one of the many Groveland babies that he brought into this world. He was a wonderful man and a very kind doctor. He will be so missed. Interestingly enough, my Dad (Kenneth B Wood) passed away on September 9, 2017. I remember as a young child the many Pinochle card games held at my house on any given Friday night. Douglas was in attendance whenever he could, but the fun they all had!

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